The first 48 hours following an internal data breach are critical. With your company’s reputation and future at risk, you can’t afford to be unprepared. nxg|BREACH protects organizations of every size and industry from the devastating effects of an internal data breach by providing essential services to help you respond to the situation. With multiple levels of coverage, nxg|BREACH can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs. With data breach incidents occurring daily, it’s no longer a matter of will you suffer a data breach, but when…and how often. Now is the time to put a risk management solution in place. With nxg|BREACH, you never have to worry about what if, because you are already prepared for what’s next
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Increase in malicious data breaches in the past 5 years.
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Average number of records compromised in a data breach.
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Average data breach cost per compromised record.
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nxg|BREACH DefenderSMnxg|BREACH Defender is the proactive data breach response solution that every organization needs to complete your cyber insurance policy. NXG’s expert consultants will customize a response to your data breach incident within two business days, and create all communications and public relations needs to smoothly execute an effective response. Our certified professionals will be ready to take fraud-related calls, assist with fraud alerts, and research and remediate any acts of fraud following your incident to protect your brand and your bottom line. We can even manage the optional services you may need to provide a low cost, comprehensive solution. Before data breach strikes nxg|BREACH Defender will provide professional training for your staff, expert advice on pre-planning for a response, and an easy-to-implement template for an Emergency Response Plan. Plus, NXG has an additional benefit (not named here) that you won’t want to miss that makes this program even more unique and valuable.
nxg|BREACH Defender ProSMDesigned for large organizations that suffer frequent smaller incidents in addition to the risk of large exposure, nxg|BREACH Defender Pro provides a turnkey breach response that is continuously deployed. Convenient fulfillment and online usage reports provide a professional data breach solution for any size organization. NXG Strategies is #1 in customer service, has continually passed stringent due diligence reviews and has a clean compliance record. Our commitment to quality sets us apart.
nxg|BREACH ResponseSMIf a data breach incident occurs prior to your putting a proactive solution in place, you can call on NXG Strategies to help you manage your data breach response. In the event of an emergency, NXG Strategies can provide the same level of quality services for your organization as described in our pre-breach plans above; however, the cost will be higher if you didn’t plan ahead, so please consider one of our proactive plans today. If you’ve experienced a data breach and need immediate assistance, please call our breach hotline at (877) 207-9545.

What About External Data Breach and Other Identity Theft?

Planning for a data breach inside your organization may not be enough. Large scale data breach incidents that are not of your making can lead to thousands of identity theft victims and affect an entire community or the entire nation. In addition, both your consumers and your employees may become a victim of identity theft for any number of reasons, most of which will remain unknown. Both of these situations impact your organization. You can be proactive in helping these consumers and your employees find the professional services they need without spending thousands of dollars and weeks of working hours. Being a sponsor of nxg|PROTECT is easy, affordable, and can even generate additional income to your organization.  LEARN MORE
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